Our Services : On site supervision

Discover our services : On site supervision

Our team sets up a personalized, tailor-made service with the utmost attention to details for the smoothest experience in the airport in question. Dedicated G-OPS supervisors will act as your field representatives to oversee and monitor all your operations in real time and to keep you (and the providers) informed of every step of the handling process. These include all handling requirements such as water supply, luggage transfer, fuel supply etc. and white glove services such as catering, hotel booking etc.

The agent is present in order to defend your interests in the local airport environment, with a knowledge of the airport’s specificities, and becomes your unique contact point for a simplified trip experience.

As winter is approaching, we have regional offices in the Alps region, ready to cover your needs. ❄️
Feel free to reach out at executive@g-ops.com

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