Our company

Where expectation and experience converge

Operational excellence as a philosophy, and unique customized solution for any aviation need.

We deliver a unique solution to meet the highest-level of aviation requirements in the most efficient way. An exceptional customer service achieved by trouble-free build-up and coordination of ground services to support your flight operations.

At your service since 2004

G-OPS has built a tailor-made range of services designed to answer all your aviation needs 24/7.

Our unique expertise and on-going customer satisfaction made us the leader in France, that gives us the outstanding capacity to fulfil your needs and support your demands worldwide.

Our international presence with a worldwide coverage

The Leader in France, G-OPS is headquartered in Paris and supported by 2 regional offices: in Nice (South of France) and in Chambery (French Alps region). We are also present in Middle East and Africa thanks to our offices in Dubai and Morocco.

Our story

Founder of G-OPS

Driven by a deep passion for air transport and an inherent sense of service, Karim sharpens his skills within the largest international groups in the field of operational support to airlines and operators.

Beyond his recognized expertise, Karim develops an unparalleled vision. His absolute willingness and sense of entrepreneurship led him to create G-OPS in 2004.

He then develops a strong concept which consists in offering a single focal point to meet and manage all the needs expressed by operators and airlines throughout their network.

Its success will never be denied, as illustrated by its sustained growth for nearly 20 years.

As one of the major players in the industry, Karim developed his offer and founded HighProfile in 2009. This business aviation broker then becomes the only one to own an operational support structure within its Group.

Through the excellence of the service provided and the flawless quality of the solutions provided, the experience always meets the promise.

Where expectation and experience converge

Operational excellence as a philosophy, and unique customized solution for any aviation need

This value proposition has enabled G-OPS to build a relationship with its partners. Always striving for consistency and acting to continuously improve the customer experience.

As a full-fledged player in the value chain and supported by a team of experts, G-OPS contributes to put forward ever more innovative solutions to help the industry evolve.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver a unique ground support solution to meet the highest-level aviation requirements in the most efficient way. We set-up and coordinate ground services to support and streamline your operations. We offer an unprecedented level of customer service with a guaranteed trouble-free buildup of your operation and an exceptional customer experience. 

How are we able to achieve our mission ?

Thanks to our added value :

  • A unique expertise of French airports structure
  • One point of contact to manage your entire operation
  • Beneficial partnership with suppliers
  • Problem solver, ensuring smooth and efficient operations
  • Trouble free execution of your demand
  • Real time feedback and records

Our values


We guarantee the highest quality standards at every step of the operation and we assure incomparable customized experience.

Our private, diplomatic, cargo, commercial and military operations specialists are available 24/7 to secure the trouble-free execution of your project. Our experience leads us to be a trusted partner and a key performer in the sector.

As ground service support, G-OPS has deep knowledge of customers’ expectations and thorough understanding of the forces that can impact our client’s operations success.

No trouble to manage, we have already got it solved.